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Summertime Workshops

The Wood Bowl:  From a Tree to Your Table
Artist and Woodworker Laura Yeats offers an exclusive design + craft learning experience at her private studio on beautiful Orcas Island located in northwest of Seattle, Washington.  Learn the tools and techniques to make beautiful bowls from reclaimed local hardwood trees. In this workshop you will learn the fundamentals of using a wood lathe for green bowl turning.  More importantly, you will gain an understanding of wood characteristics and the principles of good form in bowl design.

The Wood Bowl, From a Tree to Your Table is an intense immersion into the design and craft of making a wood bowl from a salvaged tree.  Making a bowl with this method (woodturning) demands focused attention and the development of hand-eye coordination to manifest the intended 3-dimensional forms.   Woodturning requires standing and moving around the machine (the wood lathe) for long periods of time.  You will hold a shaping tool (gouges, chisels, scrapers) and guide it across the spinning wood to make your desired shape.  Most people find this process fun and stimulating, even meditative.  

The Workshop inlcudes information about trees, wood, and design as well as participatory demonstrations of the craft process.  Particpants then work independently at the lathe to practice the methods to make a bowl from start to finish.  Most make and complete a bowl of about 5" - 7" in diameter.  Additional topics are green woodworking, tool sharpening, wood drying, sanding and finishing. 
The workshop accommodates 1 or 2 adults at any skill level and beginners are welcome.
$800 Individual
$900 Two Companions ($450 each)
Workshop Cost includes one full day of Instruction (or two consecutive half days) plus all of the wood, tools, abrasives and safety equipment.  Not Included:  accommodation, transportation and meals.

Workshop Location: THE STABLES - Orcas Island, WA

Inquire for more information and available date ranges for Summer 2013.